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China renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh in and since then these new names started to appear in Chinese maps. Deryck O. Separate facilities specialize in homeopathic medicine.

At such festivals, villagers often drink millet or rice beer, as well as tea. The Tibetan and British representatives at the conference agreed to the line, and Tawang and other areas ceded to the British Empire, since the British were not able to get an acceptance from China, Chinese considered the McMahon line invalid.

Nothing complicated, Lukter is a combination of cooked dry meat and chilly flakes from the King chilly or Bhut Jolokia. At the local level, the state comprises more than one dozen districts. The other schools are affiliated to CBSE.

National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh

Education Despite the presence of numerous primary, middle, and secondary schools, the literacy rate in Arunachal Pradesh continued to rank among the lowest in India in the early 21st century. The institute accepts foreign nationals through scholarships awarded by the government of India, and non-resident Indians through an independent scheme known as Direct Admission for Students Abroad DASA.

During the war inChina captured most of the area of Arunachal Pradesh. India reiterated this to the Chinese prime minister when the two prime ministers met in Thailand in October Moreover, Arunachal Pradesh has an abundance of fish, many varieties of snakes, and hundreds of species of birds.

Deep inroads were made at a number of points. Government and society Constitutional framework Arunachal Pradesh is a constituent unit of the Republic of India, and, as such, the structure of its government, like that of most Indian states, is defined by the national constitution of Major commercial crops include oilseeds, potatoes, ginger, sugarcane, and vegetables.

Hillsides cleared for shifting cultivation jhum near Along, central Arunachal Pradesh, India. The art of weaving is especially important, and textile designs are unique to each group.

However, in a rail line was opened between Harmoti and Naharlagun. The state also has several professional educational institutes offering a wide range of academic programs for students to choose from. Animal life includes tigers, clouded and snow leopards, elephants, wild buffalo, serow and goral goats, many species of deer, and primates such as hoolock gibbons, slow lorises, macaques, and capped langurs.

A colleges. The Tirap River drains the southeastern part of the state. Purkayastha obtained from a paddy field on a hill slope on the outskirts of Basar town was an adult male Economy Agriculture and forestry More than half of the population of Arunachal Pradesh is engaged in agriculture, but only a tiny portion of the land is under cultivation.

Photo by Vinod Panicker—http: The snake, preferring to live near streams along paddy fields, was found to feed on small fish, tadpole, frogs and geckos.

Arunachal Pradesh Congress blows poll bugle, releases report card on BJP's 'failures'

Mountains until the Siang river are classified under the Eastern Himalayas mountain range. Publication[ edit ] Dept. Basketry, weaving, and carpets are the main handicraft manufactures. State-owned and private companies operate regular bus service from Itanagar to various towns of Assam, including GuwahatiTezpurDibrugarhTinsukiaand Jorhat.

Villages are the smallest administrative units. In addition to hydrocarbons, other mineral resources of Arunachal Pradesh include dolomite, quartzite, limestone, and marble.

The remaining parts of the state, especially those bordering Myanmarwere under the control of the Chutiya Kings. Fried food is not very popular as people like to eat either boiled or smoked food. To the British, the line marked the geographic, ethnic, and administrative boundary between the two regions, and delegates from Great Britain, China, and Tibet agreed that the frontier between Tibet and northeastern India indeed should follow the crest of the high Himalayas.

The authorities of the institute are Board of Governors and the Senate. This article provides an outline of the Arunachal Pradesh Education system. In more remote areas, health services are provided by community health centres and subcentres. Established init is a deemed university, autonomous, fully funded and controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Numerous river valleys dissect the precipitous terrain of Arunachal. Meat Mithun- Main source of meat in Arunachal.The National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh was inaugurated on 18th August, as a member of a group of ten new NITs.

These new NITs were established as centres of excellence in technical education to combat the growing need of technological professionals in India. There are around 44 colleges in the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. Find below a list of at most 30 colleges in an unordered manner. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the states of the north eastern India and just like all the other North Eastern states, its tradition and culture is one of the main focus of Indian Holidify. – Find the Homeopathic Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh, top and best Homeopathic Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh which are suitable for your career and perusing. Get details on Arunachal Pradesh Homeopathic college address, contact details and admissions.

NOTE: The data available with us about Diet Papumpare is maintained by MHRD under the program 'All India Survey of Higher Education'. We represent the same facts in a user-friendly way. If you're looking for more details regarding admission/application forms, syllabus, courses offered, results or examinations schedule, kindly contact the relevant department of the college.

Arunachal Pradesh

All Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh are divided into region wise. To view colleges in a particular region kindly select the region from the drop down list. The number of colleges in any particular region is mentioned in front of the link. If you come across any college in Arunachal Pradesh which is not found from our list below, please do let us know by using add in list which is default in our website”.

Diet college in arunachal pradesh
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